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Zimbra Mail Notifier (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari addons)
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#Zimbra Mail Notifier (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari Addon)


Zimbra Mail Notifier checks your Zimbra webmail account and notifies the number of unread messages. When new message arrive in your mailbox, a system notification is posted You can view your next appointments (save in your Zimbra calendar) and be notified by the system. Tracking ongoing tasks is also available.

Currently supports:

All websites using default zimbra login interface (example :,,, ...) And specifique website :

Not supported yet:

All websites using a pre-authentification interface except

User with Mac OS X:

Don't forget to install Growl ( to be notify by system notification.


# Maven is used to generate Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari extension of Zimbra Mail Notifier sources.
# There are 2 profiles (Dev en Prod)

# In Dev mode, just des sources is packaging, use the next command line
mvn clean install

# In Prod mode, jsDoc is generated in addition of the Dev mode, use the next command line
mvn clean install -PProd
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