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DHIS2 Notes

In dhis2/notes you will find:

Please refer to this decision document about why we need a structured way to capture this information.

The TL;DR is that there are lots of ways to manage these types of artifacts, but none are as near the developers as GitHub, and in fact, many of the limitations work to our advantage here.


Discussions and Proposals

Create an issue in GitHub so it can be discussed in the issue, and then a decision will be taken in a meeting if necessary.

The limitations of GitHub Issues work to our advantage here, as there are no threads within topics, so each issue MUST only discuss a single topic.

If the topic derails or spawns a new side-discussion, that must be moved to its own issue.

Meeting minutes

Any type of minute from an ad-hoc meeting that has a conclusion should be added here for posterity,

  • stating who was in the meeting,
  • what was disussed, and
  • the conclusion.

This way e.g. two developers can discuss and decide on something quickly, and push a PR for the rest of the team to read. If something comes up during the PR, then it can be caught and changed before too much time has passed.

This allows for two developers to move quickly, while keeping the team informed about decisions taken underway that can be reviewed without calling a meeting with the entire team.


A discussion should happen on an async basis, which enables everyone to contribute at their own schedule and leisure. The team should be comfortable with knowing that no decisions "just happen" so they have to be reading Slack throughout the entire day.

Instead we trust that if there is a decision as a result of a meeting we were not privy to, a PR with the outcome will be available to read and comment on before decision is final.

Structure for minutes and decisions

  1. Create a markdown file with the date DD-{keywords-describing-meeting}.md as the name, under the correct directory YYYY/MM.

  2. Raise a PR to get it approved and/or discussed, and finally merged from some of the meeting participants.

If you would like to see an example of how a meeting minute or decision document can look, see


📝 Memos, proposals, agendas and meeting minutes




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