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EAGLE library containing symbols and footprints for popular operational transconductance and Norton amplifiers
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Operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) and Norton amplifiers (NTAs)

This library contains symbols and footprints for the currently available OTAs and NTAs, as well as historical parts.

Symbol types

  • Differential input OTA, without linearizing diodes (CA3080)
  • Differentiual input OTA with linearizing diodes (LM13x00, NJM13x00, NE5517)
  • Idealized bi-directional transistor OTA (OPA861)
  • Basic Norton amplifier (LM2900/LM3900)
  • Compensated, ultrafast programmable Norton amplifier LM359


  • DIP8
  • DIP14
  • DIP16
  • SOIC-8/SO8
  • SOIC-14/SO14
  • SOIC-16/SO16
  • SOT23-6


  • LM13600
  • LM13700
  • NJM13700
  • NJM13600
  • NE5517
  • OPA861
  • LM2900
  • LM3900
  • LM359

Symbol examples

The author

This EAGLE library was developed by David H. Christensen.
My web site - My GitHub

Copyright © David H. Christensen, 2017.
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