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GraphQL Doc

Generate Documentation for GraphQL Endpoints Instantly.


This application was inspired by GraphiQL, It categorizes all the Types, Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions in the way we code it, Making it easier for us to use and debug GraphQL Server Schemas.

We can easily filter through entire schema to find a single type/query/mutation/subscription we're looking for., I hope this will be beneficial to some as this has been beneficial to me.


Just clone this repo and then run

$ yarn install // or npm install

to install all the dependencies.

After installing the dependencies

  1. Run yarn build to make a production build of the application.
  2. Now you can host the build directory wherever you want, I have used firebase but you can easily use AWS, Netlify, Github Pages, etc

Feature Requests

I have few ideas on how to take this project forward and make it more useful to the users, However I'm very open to feature requests.

If you have any specific feature in mind which you think might be helpful to the community as well, Just Create a New Issue or Get In Touch with me.