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A collection of helpful utilities for filtering, sorting, and paginating on the database layer
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Table of Contents


The pleco libraries provide helpful utilities to make querying on the database layer easier. The library provides typescript types, GraphQL types, and Joi validation types for filtering, sorting, and paging as well as functions to perform those operations.


Core package

yarn add @dialexa/pleco


npm install @dialexa/pleco

Knex extension

yarn add @dialexa/pleco-knex


npm install @dialexa/pleco-knex

GraphQL add-on

yarn add @dialexa/pleco-graphql


npm install @dialexa/pleco-graphql

Joi add-on

yarn add @dialexa/pleco-joi


npm install @dialexa/pleco-joi


Refer to each querybuilder implementation's package to view the usage for each function.


Before we dive into the functions that are provided, pleco has some prerequisites that must be met for the functions to work. Because of the nature of supporting multiple query builders, extensions must be used to properly call the methods. To convert your query builder to the generic query builder that pleco uses, refer to the extension library documentation.

For more information about the generic query builder, refer to the Extensions section

Note that all of the examples in this README are using the pleco-knex extension.


This function forms the filter query. The arguments are

  • args: an object with
    • filter: the filter object of the form we have been using so far
    • subqueries: a record of subqueries that maps the filter i.e. numberOfUsers to a query
  • query: the query builder to build off of

Subquery Guidelines

  1. It is recommended for the subquery result to have as many rows as rows in the base table. This means defining defaults or setting some values as NULL for some rows.
  2. All subqueries must return the following columns named exactly like this:
    • resource_id: the id of the resource being queried i.e. the id column.
    • value: the value that is being matched against the filter for the resource with the resource_id
    • sort: the value that is used to determine sort order (often the same as value). If you know that you will not be sorting using this subquery, there is no need to have the sort column
  3. Every field that is passed in to the filter function should have a subquery associated with it. If there are fields that do not have any subqueries that you need to filter by, this must be handled outside of the filter library.


See pleco-querybuilder-name


This function provides sorting functionality. Currently, sorting by, then by is not supported.


See pleco-querybuilder-name


This function returns a query with limit and offset. Empty options can also be passed, so it is safe to call formPageLimitOffsetQuery even with bogus options.


See pleco-querybuilder-name

Typescript Types

Provided Exports

IFilterQuery<T>: a generic interface that takes a type argument with a union type of all the supported operations (in, nin, etc).

SortDirection: a union type of 'asc' and 'desc'

ILimitOffsetPage: an object containing limit and offset as numberse to provide pagination arguments


import { IFilterQuery } from '@dialexa/pleco';

export interface IVehicleFilterInput {
  AND: IVehicleFilterInput[];
  OR: IVehicleFilterInput[];

  make: IFilterQuery<string>;
  model: IFilterQuery<string>;

  numberOfUsers: IFilterQuery<number>;
  highwayMPG: IFilterQuery<number>;
  cityMPG: IFilterQuery<number>;
  userSurveyRating: IFilterQuery<number>;


pleco is able to support multiple query builders by providing a generic, minimal IQueryBuilder interface that only requires a subset of a full query builder features. To support another query builder, all that is needed is to implement the features needed in the required query builder.

Converting from the query builder you are using to an instance of an extension depends on the extension, but all extensions will convert back to your query builder by calling .build().

Current supported query builders:

library pleco extension
knex pleco-knex

Known Limitations

  1. Cursor pagination is currently unsupported
  2. The id column must be named id
  3. Multiple sorts is not supported

As always, check the Issues

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