A library that provides functionalities needed for the diaspora* federation protocol.
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diaspora* federation library

A library that provides functionalities needed for the diaspora* federation protocol

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This repository contains two gems:

  • diaspora_federation provides the functionality for de-/serialization and de-/encryption of Entities in the protocols used for communication among the various installations of diaspora*.
  • diaspora_federation-rails is a rails engine that adds the diaspora* federation protocol to a rails app.


Add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem "diaspora_federation-rails"

Mount the routes in your config/routes.rb:

mount DiasporaFederation::Engine => "/"

Configure the engine in config/initializers/diaspora_federation.rb:

DiasporaFederation.configure do |config|
  # the pod url
  config.server_uri = URI("http://localhost:3000")

  # ... other settings

  config.define_callbacks do
    on :fetch_person_for_webfinger do |diaspora_id|
      person = Person.find_local_by_diaspora_id(diaspora_id)
      if person
          # ... copy person attributes to WebFinger object

    on :fetch_person_for_hcard do |guid|
      # ... fetch hcard information

    # ... other callbacks

The available config settings can be found here and the callbacks are listed here in the gem documentation.


See our contribution guide for more information on how to contribute to the diaspora* federation library.


GNU Affero General Public License.