IGUANA is a benchmark execution framework for triple stores. Contact: felixconrads2@gmail.com
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Semantic Web is becoming more important and it's data is growing each day. Triple stores are the backbone here, managing these data. Hence it is very important that the triple store must scale on the data and can handle several users. Current Benchmark approaches could not provide a realistic scenario on realistic data and could not be adjustet for your needs very easily. Further on it was impossible to compare results for different benchmarks.

Iguana is an An Integrated Suite for benchmarking SPARQL which solves the issue. It provides an enviroment which ...

  • ... is highly configurable
  • ... provides a realistic scneario benchmark
  • ... works on every dataset
  • ... works on any SPARQL and SPARQL Update Queries
  • ... is easily extendable

For further Information visit

iguana-benchmark.eu (Currently not updated to v2)