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imgix plugin for Kirby 3
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Kirby 3 imgix plugin

If this plugin gets activated, it will serve all images via imgix.


composer require diesdasdigital/kirby-3-imgix


In any config file or the default site/config/config.php:

return [
  'imgix' => true,
  'imgix.domain' => '',
  'imgix.defaults' => [
    'auto' => 'compress',

imgix.defaults takes a map of options, which all images will have applied automatically without calling thumb().


All images will automatically be served via imgix if imgix and imgix.domain are set in the config.

The options provided by imgix can be passed via the thumb() function:

  'blur' => '10',
  'con' => '40',

See imgix API reference for all options.

Inspired by Kirby’s website, which uses a custom cloudinary plugin.

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