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This release contains 2 major changes from 0.99.0. The first is not news, we have removed all deprecated code from the codebase. However, this release also contains some major restructuring of the query_dsl module.

Traits related to the construction of queries, such as SelectDsl, FilterDsl, etc. Have been merged into a single QueryDsl trait. Traits related to the execution of queries, such as ExecuteDsl and LoadDsl have been merged into a single RunQueryDsl trait. The individual method traits still exist under the query_dsl::methods module, but they are no longer exported from prelude.

Though we promised there would be no significant changes other than documentation, during our process of documenting this module, it became clear that making this change would make discovering how to use Diesel's query builder dramatically easier. It also gives us a much more centralized place to document these logically grouped methods. While we do not expect this change to break many apps, it is significant enough to warrant an early release.

Most applications should not need to care about this change. Code which is just doing use diesel::prelude::* and calling these methods will continue to work with no changes (though error messages will be improved if you make a mistake).

However, if you had code that was implementing QueryFragment or Query, and expected to be able to call .execute, .load, or similar on it (such as the Pagination helper in crates.io), you will need to add impl<Conn> RunQueryDsl<Conn> for YourType.

If you have code that is calling query builder methods generically (e.g. if you have where T: FilterDsl<Something>, you will likely need to explicitly import things from query_dsl::methods

In addition to those changes, there are some minor improvements to #[derive(QueryableByName)] which we had planned on releasing as 0.99.2.


With this release, 0.99.x will only receive bug fixes and security patches. No new features will be backported to that branch. However, 0.99 can be considered our first "LTS" release. While we have not yet determined what exactly that means for Diesel, you can be assured that release line will continue to be supported for as long as there is demand.

We do not plan on having a 1.0.0.beta2, but there may be additional minor breaking changes in that release if it is needed. If there are any code changes between now and 1.0.0, even non-breaking ones, we will have a release candidate before the final release.

Looking Ahead

As with 0.99.0, we expect that the only significant change between this release and 1.0.0 will be documentation. We expect that the final release of 1.0.0 will be before the end of the year.

Our only blocker for a final 1.0 release continues to be documentation. There is a lot of work to do before the end of the year. We need help from the community to reach our goal of releasing this year. If you're interested in helping out, join the impl period working group channel.