JAVA framework for accurate SNV assessment
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JAVA framework for accurate SNV assessment

Find source code and tools in the following sub-directories of the repository:

  • src/ The main Java source code for JACUSA
  • manual/manual.pdf The manual for JACUSA
  • JacusaHelper R package to process JACUSA output file(s)
  • tools/AddVariants Java tool to implant variants into BAM file


JACUSA has been developed and tested with Java v1.8.

IMPORTANT! Stranded paired-end data are handled properly with JACUSA v1.2.0 and higher. DO NOT USE JACUSA v1.0.1 on stranded paired-end data!


Get the current Jacusa JAR:



  • Fixed pileup filter to maintain orientation for all library type combinations
  • Fixed typo in library type: FR_FIRSTSTRAND -> RF_FIRSTSTRAND


  • Added support for stranded paired end reads - parameter -P changed
  • Added support for single sample mode
  • Added -R | --SHOW-REF option
  • Minor fixes / typos


  • Minor fixes / typos.

Older releases:

  DO NOT USE JACUSA v1.0.1 on stranded paired-end data!

Important Change

Since v1.2 the format of -P has changed! The format has been inspired by tophat's library type parameter. With the command line parameter -P,--build-pileup the user can choose from combinations of:

  • FR-FIRSTSTRAND STRANDED library - first strand sequenced,
  • FR-SECONDSTRAND STRANDED library - second strand sequenced, and


Available methods for JACUSA $ java -jar jacusa.jar [ENTER]:

  • call-1 Call variants - one sample
  • call-2 Call variants - two samples
  • pileup SAMtools like mpileup for two samples

Single sample mode: call-1

General command line structure for variant calling call-1:

jacusa.jar call-2 [OPTIONS] BAM1_1[,BAM1_2,BAM1_3,...]

Get available options:

java -jar jacusa.jar call-1

Two sample mode: call-2

General command line structure for variant calling call-2:

jacusa.jar call-2 [OPTIONS] BAM1_1[,BAM1_2,BAM1_3,...] BAM2_1[,BAM2_2,BAM2_3,...]

Get available options:

java -jar jacusa.jar call-2

Example gDNA vs. cDNA (two sample mode)

Download and extract sample data

# goto to
# download hg19_chr1_gDNA_VS_cDNA.tar.gz
# and unpack with
tar xzvpf hg19_chr1_gDNA_VS_cDNA.tar.gz

Call RNA-DNA differences (RDDs) by comparing gDNA and cDNA in sample data and save results in rdds.out.

$ java -jar call-2 -P UNSTRANDED,FR-FIRSTSTRAND -a H,M,B,Y -f 1024 -T 2.3	-p 2 -r rdds.out gDNA.bam cDNA1.bam,cDNA2.bam


Read, Process, and write JACUSA output files


Download JacusaHelper:

$ wget

Install JacusaHelper in R:



Load JacusaHelper package in R:


Read JACUSA output, filter sites where the variant base is NOT present in all replicates of at least one sample, and finally add editing frequency info:

# Read Jacusa output and filter by test-statistic >= 1.56 and 
# ensure that site have at least 10 reads in (cov1) sample 1 and at least 5 reads per replicate in (covs2) sample 2
data <- Read("Jacusa_RDD.out, stat = 1.56, fields = c("cov1", "covs2"), cov = c(10, 5))
# This ensures that the variant base is present in all replicates of at least one sample
data <- FilterResult(data)
# This is only applicable for RDD calls and it will calculate their editing frequency.
# It is expected that gDNA is stored as sample 1!
data <- AddEditingFreqInfo(data)

Plot base change conversion:

# Among other additional infos, AddEditingFreqInfo will populate baseChange field in data
tbl <- table(data$baseChange)

Check documentation in R for more details



Add variants to a BAM file


Get the current AddVariants JAR:

$ wget


Implant variants defined in <input.bam> into <variants.bed> and write results to <output.sam>:

java -jar AddVariants.jar <input.bam> <variants.bed> | samtools view -Sb - > <output.sam>

Format of variants.bed

chr | start | end


see LICENSE file