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WFT?! What is this

this repo is an open source pavillon for THE WRONG bienale 2017 the repo ist open to anybody who wants to join the project and share their artwork as part of this online festival of netarts.


you may commit to the project in two ways. use the git-infrastructure to make a pull-request to modify this repo or send an email with your github account name to: digital3mpire at floriankuhlmann dot com i will ad you to the access list


please be aware of the directory structure and some mandatory files (thumbnail and readme text in _meta) for your commit. THE STRUCTURE IS VERY IMPORTANT. please use the directory name_prename as a prototype. you will also find a file there with further instructions.


The superinformation high market is the market in its maximum and final stage. It is an economy in total and constant flux that has merged with life into a new form of reality based on an intense information stream powered by the endless sources of energy drilled from deep within the earth’s core. In the superinfromation high market everything is connected, because everything is one. It is the last product of a globalized hypercapitalistic technomachine and the result of the final massive bailout which was necessary when the last remaining supercompany collapsed.

In the upcoming age of the super information high market virtual, augmented reality and meta physical reality will be merged into a higher surrogate of consciousness. Stimulated by the last forces of capital, boosted by internet technology in combination with the deep understanding and usage of morphogenetic fields, the world was transformed into a surreal state of permanent dreamtime, where being continously oscillates between TRUE and FALSE. This form of beeing is deeply stablizing and reassuring yet also highly arrousing and stimulating at the same time.

Materiliazition ended when the flux of the information super high market started streaming, the mindset of mankind changed and with this step in evolution the world transformed into pure information. In these new situations the mode of production and accumulation disappeared. These processes where replaced by the concept of commiting and spreading. Market set, industrially fabricated serialized products lost there values and have been replaced by undefined lossfree reproducible entities which are created and designed by art driven people. The created entities are commited into the global git-based super structure, in the next step selected and surveyd via webinterfaces and then in a final step shared, spread and distributed into the social networks and hypermedia by the people to the people.

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