Analyzes HTML content for RDFa, Microdata and Microformats
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This is a library that analyzes the CommonCrawl dataset for structured
data expressed as RDFa, Microdata or Microformats.

To build

You'll need to have Apache Ant (
installed, and once you do, just run a:

# ant dist

This step will compile the libraries and Hadoop code into an Elastic MapReduce-
friendly JAR at dist/lib/StructuredDataAnalyzer.jar, suitable for use as a 
custom JAR-based Elastic MapReduce workflow.

To run locally

You'll need to be running Hadoop, and if you don't have it installed, Cloudera
provides a useful set of OS-specific Hadoop packages which will make it easy.
Check out their site:

Once you've got Hadoop installed, you can use the 'hadoop jar' task to execute
the tutorial code.  Here's the pattern:

hadoop jar <checkout location>/dist/lib/StructuredDataAnalyzer.jar 
   <Amazon AWS access key ID> 
   <Amazon AWS secret access key> 
   <CommonCrawl crawl files to use as input> 
   <HDFS output location>