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Digitoimisto Dude Oy

A boutique web design agency formed in 2013 in Jyväskylä, Finland.


  1. air-light Public

    💨 WordPress starter theme - designed to be minimal, ultra-lightweight (< 20 kB) and easy for all kinds of WordPress projects. 7+years/1000+hours of development and still updating daily! We prefer t…

    SCSS 700 107

  2. air-blocks Public

    A Gutenberg ACF Block library for Air-light WordPress starter theme.

    CSS 11

  3. air-helper Public

    Air helper brings our preferences to Air-light based themes and extends with many ways like adding WooCommerce support. Public Roadmap:…

    PHP 38 6

  4. dudestack Public

    A toolkit for creating a new professional WordPress project with deployments. Originally based on Roots/bedrock.

    Shell 87 16

  5. Installation script for enabling macOS baked-in LEMP stack

    Shell 56 22

  6. devpackages Public

    Development packages for web and WordPress theme development.

    JavaScript 15 3


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