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Another Tiny UI for OpenFrameworks - Proof of concept
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Proof of concept UI for OpenFrameworks.
Based on ofxDmtrUI3 but rewritten from scratch
Made to be a compact user interface for quick testing.


Text Files for interface.

UI Elements (sliders, toggles, etc) are loaded from a text file.
Why? It is easy to copy paste, cut, paste somewhere else, change column, copy interfaces between softwares and change layout things without recompile anything. things important in prototyping.
If you have a finished software and don't want external files you can stringify everything to be hard coded.
Other advantages: In ofxDmtrUI3 I can mirror any interface to another using OSC, sending the elements text as an OSC message and the client assumes the layout and sync. And I've used this interface texts before in ofxUI, so it was easy to port code to ofxDmtrUI, and later to ofxDmtrUI3 and now to ofxMicroUI with little work.


  • UI Events
  • Software object
  • radioNoLabel
  • Implement non flow-free mode (mouse dragging affect different elements)
  • Implement capture mouse mode (you can keep using the slider even when the mouse is not on element, if not released)
  • Vertical Slider
  • Easing between floats when needed
  • OSC Mirroring
  • Midi Controller support


List of implemented elements and very near future ones. most of them are already implemented in ofxDmtrUI

  • Float Slider
  • Int Slider
  • Toggle
  • Radio
  • Label
  • String Inspector
  • ImageDisplay
  • Radio Directory Listing
  • Radio Scene Element
  • Toggle variants (Bang and Hold)
  • Radio Pipe variant
  • Vec3
  • ColorRgb / ColorHsv
  • Slider 2d (vec2)
  • Bar / Progress bar
  • Plotter
  • Fbo inspector
  • Preset / Presets List
  • Image List
  • Special slim sliders without labels for vec3 controls


  • having an ofFbo for each element to redraw and store, only use texture when not changed.
  • event system. bind event to elements.
  • ofParameter?
  • make elementgroup to act as one. in xml, draw, etc.


  • toggleNoLabel (drum machine stepper)


  • Settings customization via text (Custom font, colors, margins and spacings for elements and columns)
  • fbo caching
  • Int Slider
  • Group element mouse event fix.


  • Radio working ok


  • label, toogles and float slider


  • ability of saving and loading xml files


boolean / toggle naming, class and xml naming. varkind?

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