Little script to loop through all the images in a directory and set them as desktop wallpaper.
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#Gnome Wallpaper Changer

This little script changes your Gnome Desktop wallpaper based on the images in the provided directory OR get a random featured image from Unsplash.


The easy way

The script comes with a handy installer which does all the work for you. To install the Gnome Wallpaper Changer you only have to run the following command:

wget -O gnome-wallpaper-changer.tar.gz && tar -vxf gnome-wallpaper-changer.tar.gz && ./gnome-wallpaper-changer-master/

The installer will now ask you a few questions. All questions are self explaining, but don't hesitate to drop a question in the issues in case you're having problems.

The manual way

In case you don't want to use the installer you can also install it manually. Copy the gnome-wallpaper-changer to a place somewhere on your system and create a desktop entry in ~/.config/autostart.

You might want to change the Exec= line in the desktop entry so it fits your preferences. The possible options you can add to the executable are:

--source [unsplash/local, default local]   // Choose the source to use
--path [default: ~/Pictures]    // Select the directory on your filesystem
--sleep [default: 600]    // The time to wait before changing to a new image (seconds)

So your desktop entry might look like:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/gnome-wallpaper-changer --source unsplash
Comment=Automatically change wallpaper


In case you have used the installer you can also use it to remove Gnome Wallpaper Changer. Run ./ --remove to remove the package.