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Mautic docker server on alpine/nginx/php 7.1/local config volume
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Compact Docker server for Mautic

Based on dirtsimple/php-server, and inspired by mingfang/docker-mautic, this container is an alpine nginx+php 7.1 runner for Mautic 2.12.0+ that stores all configuration and data in a separate location from the application code, allowing the use of a proper data volume or mapped directory. Unlike most mautic distributions, cron jobs are handled sequentially and intelligently, so that jobs cannot interfere with each other -- including slow runs of the same job.

In addition to the environment variables supported by dirtsimple/php-server, it also supports settings for:

  • MAUTIC_JOBS -- a space separated list of mautic: jobs to be run by cron, in execution order. Defaults to:
    • segments:update
    • campaigns:update
    • campaigns:trigger
    • messages:send
    • emails:send
    • email:fetch
    • social:monitoring
    • webhooks:process
  • MAUTIC_JOB_OPTS -- options to pass when running the above jobs; defaults to --no-interaction
  • MAUTIC_JOB_TIMES -- minutes at which jobs should be run; defaults to */5, i.e., every five minutes
  • MAUTIC_DATA -- a directory under which all the instance's configuration, data, media, logs, and cache will be stored; defaults to the volume /data. (Note: If you change this, you will also need to update the NGINX_WRITABLE variable to include the new value instead of /data; see the Dockerfile for the other values that should be included in NGINX_WRITABLE.)

Project Status

This project's development is on hiatus, as I am no longer planning to use Mautic. (Issue 1414 prevents workflows from merging or looping, making anything complex impractical.)

Quality of this container should be considered beta at best, as many pieces of mautic functionality remain untested, and the nginx config isn't tuned.