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  Example Code

This repository contains a set of example codes that showcase the core features of

Getting Started

Download the code:

git clone

Then, you will be able to explore the code locally.


We recommend you perform this step before installing The dependencies in your Python environment can significantly affect the performance as we will be resolving the same dependencies on all remote servers. Currently, supports Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows with Python 3.6+ installed. For Windows users, you may want to configure Linux bash to execute the scripts locally.

#go to the example directory
cd examples/

#install the python virtual environment
python -m venv venv_disco
source venv_disco/bin/activiate

Now, we install the SDK and all libraries. This also comes with the CLI interface for

pip install disco --upgrade

Login & Authentication:

You have to login before running any of the examples. You can obtain your login by talking to our team. To login, simply type this command in the terminal and follow the on screen instructions.

disco login

After successfully login, you will be able to use the's CLI to create or run jobs. To get more info, you can type this command to see the available commands.

disco -h 

Organization of the repository's directories

  1. CLI - it contains examples related to ultities functions of

  2. SDK - it contains the functions related to SDK.

  3. Web UI - contains sample codes that run on the Web UI.

  4. Docker - contains build scripts for docker images

Available Samples

Project Name. Descriptions
Prime Number Finder Showcasing how we can use CLI
Python SDK & Custom Dockers Learn how to run custom Docker images on
Hello World Hello world example on how to run with CLI, Web UI, and SDK.


A set of example codes for running





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