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Beefplate is a starting point for many web projects at Beef.
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Beefplate is a starting point for many web projects at Beef. It is a combination of lots of work by many people, compiled, put together and some parts written/re-written by Liam Richardson.


Inspiration / Starting Points


Inspiration / Starting Points


Inspiration / Starting Points



Beefplate is far from a finished product, but is aimed at being a neutral for the variety of projects that we take on. Beefplate and its predecessors have been used for apps built in Rails, Noodall, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and Static HTML sites. The following is a set of common tasks that need to be completed for each project.

  • Update the Year and Site Title Keywords in HTML pages (index/404 etc)
  • Update Meta Data
  • Add Google Analytics account code
  • Update url paths for CSS / JS files (currently all relative)
  • Remove comments and compress CSS and JS files

There is probably more I've forgotten about. But you should be able to work everything out.

A Note on content

Unlike many of the sources listed, this isn't supposed to be a definitive starting point, and many of the techniques used may not be the current web trend. There should be open debate about best practices, but this also has to tie in with the needs of our clients, and the constraints of working within a team. Thusly, you may disagree with some bits, but its just the way we like to work. However practices are reviewed quite often, so if you have an improvement, fork, comment, write a tweet or email, we would like to hear it. We don't care about sarcastic / rude comments or thinly disguised insults on twitter though. If you do this, grow up and start a discussion, not an argument.


Liam Richardson


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