This replicates images in pure HTML by creating tables of pixel-sized cells.
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pixeltable is a python script that takes an image file and encodes it as an HTML table of one-pixel-sized cells. Each individual cell has a bgcolor attribute that replicates the color of the corresponding pixel.


python [path]/[name].jpg will create [path]/[name].html; a properly formatted HTML file that replicates the image with CSS and an HTML table. This should only be used for small images (100x100 at the biggest).

File size results from initial tests

image width image height .JPG file size .HTML file size minified .HTML file size
50 pixels 20 pixels 1.39 KB 34 KB 26.8 KB
100 pixels 40 pixels 3.1 KB 134 KB 106 KB
400 pixels 245 pixels 59 KB 3.18 MB 2.52 MB

Made by John Atkinson