A file synchronization tool on top of ipfs (and more!)
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brig: Ship your data around the world

a somewhat gay brig

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brig is a distributed & secure file synchronization tool (and more!)

This is a very early work in progress, so there are no details yet. More information will follow once a rough first prototype is ready. For now, you can read this very chaotic blog.

Summarized in one paragraph, it is an syncthing, git-annex or Resilio-alternative, that gives you a commandline interface, a fuse filesystem and a library that can encrypt and compress files which are in turn distributed through ipfs while the file metadata is transmitted separetely. It's a bit similar to the currently also unfinished bazil maybe.

Even shorter: It's supposed to be as flexible as git, but for complete files.

A master thesis on brig has been written, which is only available in german though. That doesn't mean we're planning to discontinue it after that thesis - actually we'd love to get paid for developement! Care to throw money at us?


$ go get github.com/disorganizer/brig/brig

That should just work if you previously setup Go. Afterwards you'll have a brig command on your computer, which will print it's help when invoked without any arguments.


Name Active
Christopher <sahib> Pahl 2015-today
Christoph <qitta> Piechula 2015-today