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A web interface for aggregating results from nose-performance

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A web application for handling performance test results with heavy GitHub integration.

Integrates with nose-performance to report and archive results.

See the included application in example/ for information a sample setup.


Zumanji is designed to work with GitHub, and will likely explode into a million little errors if your repo does not exist on GitHub.


Import JSON data from your test runner:

$ python import_performance_json <json file> --project=disqus/gargoyle


Zumanji's mission is to be an extensible build reporting interface. It's primary target is improved statistics around your tests, but may evolve into a generic build dashboard (as it has all of the required features).

It should report things quickly and accurate, allowing to see precisely what problems may exist within a particular build that weren't there before (whether that's a failing condition or a regression). The system will also cater to alerting via setting trigger metrics (e.g. alert me when number of SQL calls exceeds 15 in these tests).


Aggregate Report

Individual Test


This is still an evolving prototype and APIs are not stable, nor is the implementation the most efficient it could be.

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