Page Moderation broken after placeholder merge #430

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ptoal commented Apr 13, 2010

Pages created with CMS_MODERATOR = True will appear to be "published", but the placeholders will be empty. This is true, even if the page doesn't have moderation enabled in the admin.

In the frontend admin, these pages will show: "Status: created publish req."

Setting CMS_MODERATOR = False will cause the pages to be displayed correctly.


ptoal commented Apr 13, 2010

Django version 1.2 beta 1 SVN-12969
CMS Version: digi604/master commit f6bef24


digi604 commented May 27, 2010

I submitted a testcase for this issue to trunk...


ghost commented Jul 13, 2010

  • 1 to getting this issue fixed, seems that using moderation is basically not possible with this version.

This bug bothered me 3 hours. I hope fix it on release version.

dekoza commented Aug 2, 2010

I just posted the same bug: #529, sorry. This bug is really annoying, I do need the moderation feature.

ah took me a while to figure out this was a bug. this one definitely ate up some time.

Is somebody working on this? What's the progress?


ojii commented Oct 28, 2010

A fix for this was merged in at df5bc00, please confirm this issue is still there.


ojii commented Nov 4, 2010

I will close this issue now since we have a fix for this merged into master, if this issue still exists, please open a new ticket


ghost commented Mar 16, 2011

Sorry if this isn't the right ticket to be posting this on, but I seem to still be having this issue in 2.1.3. With CMS_MODERATOR = True, plug-ins disappear from the page when you go out of edit mode or click the publish button. The status of the front-end editing says Status: created publish req, but there is no way to approve the page and have the plug-ins show back up. Only turning off CMS_MODERATOR seems to bring the plug-ins back.

This issue was closed.

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