django CMS Admin Style is a Django Theme tailored to the needs of django CMS.
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django CMS Admin Style

Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface.


  • add 'djangocms_admin_style' to your INSTALLED_APPS just before 'django.contrib.admin'


The django CMS Admin Style overrides django admin's base_site.html, but you can still partially customize this page. Look at the source of templates/admin/base_site.html and override the templates that are included in various blocks. For example, you can add your own CSS in templates/admin/inc/extrastyle.html.


  • CMS_ENABLE_UPDATE_CHECK = True Set to False to disable the update notification.
  • CMS_UPDATE_CHECK_TYPE = ('minor') Set to ('patch') to get only patch notifications. (minor = 3.x.x, patch = 3.4.x)

The update checker does not gather or record any data.

Compiling CSS

  • Command line
  • for compiling the sass file, you need to npm install

Integration tests

In order to run integration tests you need to have Docker installed. They can be run using make test18 and make test19 commands for Django 1.8 and Django 1.9. The integration tests are written using Casperjs, phantomcss and djangocms-casper-helpers.