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Integration between django-oscar and Jirafe
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Jirafe integration for Oscar

This is an extension for django-oscar that makes integration with the Jirafe e-commerce tracking easy.


Install from Github (not on PyPi yet):

pip install git+git://

Now add jirafe to your INSTALLED_APPS and update your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS to include jirafe.context_processors.jirafe. Also, set JIRAFE_ID to be your Jirafe ID.

Finally, you need to include the tracking javascript in your templates. You can do this by including:

{% include 'jirafe/tracking.html' %}

within your base.html template. An example base.html is included which you can copy into place to get you started.

That's it - the stats should start appearing in your Jirafe dashboard.

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