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Update my committer bio since I work somewhere else now.

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@@ -304,18 +304,19 @@ Specialists
`James Bennett`_
- James is Django's release manager; he also contributes to the documentation.
+ James is Django's release manager, and also contributes to the
+ documentation and provide the occasional bugfix.
James came to Web development from philosophy when he discovered
that programmers get to argue just as much while collecting much
- better pay. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he works for the
- Journal-World developing Ellington. He `keeps a blog`_, has
- written a `book on Django`_, and enjoys fine port and talking to
- his car.
+ better pay. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas and previously worked at
+ World Online; currently, he's part of the Web development team at
+ Mozilla.
+ He `keeps a blog`_, and enjoys fine port and talking to his car.
.. _james bennett:
.. _keeps a blog: `james bennett`_
-.. _book on Django:
Ian Kelly
Ian is responsible for Django's support for Oracle.

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