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[1.6.x] Documentation - Noted that OneToOneField doesn't respect unique.

Added OneToOneField to the list of model fields for which the unique
argument isn't valid. (OneToOneFields are inherently unique, and if
the user supplies a value for unique it is ignored / overwritten.)
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commit e7d4d41a30b4cf60690fe55e47b4e10403fc8b46 1 parent 12d364a
Kevin Christopher Henry authored ptone committed

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  1. 4  docs/ref/models/fields.txt
4  docs/ref/models/fields.txt
@@ -272,8 +272,8 @@ you try to save a model with a duplicate value in a :attr:`~Field.unique`
272 272
 field, a :exc:`django.db.IntegrityError` will be raised by the model's
273 273
 :meth:`` method.
274 274
-This option is valid on all field types except :class:`ManyToManyField` and
+This option is valid on all field types except :class:`ManyToManyField`,
+:class:`OneToOneField`, and :class:`FileField`.
277 277
278 278
 Note that when ``unique`` is ``True``, you don't need to specify
279 279
 :attr:`~Field.db_index`, because ``unique`` implies the creation of an index.

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