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Small package to allow you to invoke your Go AWS lambda locally.

This might be useful for:

  • You want to run an integration test, maybe in conjunction with LocalStack?
    • Unit testing is probably better in most cases
  • You want to validate your CI has built a valid linux binary of your application before deploying

I wrote a blog post about it here


go get -u

Example usage

Run the example lambda toupperlambda.go on port 8001

_LAMBDA_SERVER_PORT=8001 go run ./toupperlambda.go

Then use this library in tests or wherever you need it, by calling

response, err := golambdainvoke.Run(Input{
    Port:    8001,
    Payload: "payload",

Note that Payload can be any structure that can be encoded by the encoding/json package. Your lambda function will need to use this structure in its type signature.