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This repository includes Flutter application and packages.

The applications here are developed on the v1 branch and currently a configuration is included to use CircleCI to build Android APK's when merged into the master branch. The APK images can be downloaded as artifacts from CircleCI once built.

mDNS Plugin

A Flutter mDNS package, which is published at The example which demonstrates the use is here.

gRPC Plugin

A package which provides connection and reflection for remote gRPC services. Please see for the package information, and the example which demonstrates the use is here.

Notes on developing a gRPC Client

On a Macintosh, use the following commands in order to make a working gRPC installation, assuming you have Homebrew already installed:

bash% brew install grpc && brew upgrade grpc

We assume that the protocol buffer files (with extension .proto) are in the folder lib/protobuf of your project. The generated output should go into the lib/providers folder.

For Macintosh, there is a script in order to generate the Dart files:

bash% git clone
bash% cd flutter/grpc_client
bash% install -d lib/providers/google/protobuf
bash% install -d lib/providers/grpc/reflection/v1alpha
bash% source ../
bash% flutter test && flutter build ios
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