Cannonball FAQ

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Firstly, read the Manual.

I found a bug!

Please report it here. Please check that it isn't already reported, or covered in this FAQ first.

How do I use my XBox 360 Controller?

  • Edit the config.xml file so that the accelerator and brake are set to the same axis:
  • Plug in the controller and start CannonBall.
  • Enable analog controls in the Settings Controls menu.
  • Configure the buttons using the menu.

Can you implement feature X?

Maybe. Some of the best ideas have come from the community.

However, as this is a hobby project, I tend to be somewhat selfish in how I spend my time on it. It's how I stay interested. I tend to favour features that provide big rewards to all users and am less inclined to spend time fixing issues that affect a specific configuration on a particular platform. (Examples being controller issues, requests for video filters, obscure configuration options etc.) It's not that I don't care about the detail, I do, but time is limited.

The source code is available so there's nothing to stop anyone implementing features or making changes providing they abide by the license.