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CannonBall Logo

CannonBall: The Enhanced OutRun Engine.

  • Smoother 60fps gameplay
  • True Widescreen Play Mode
  • Force Feedback support
  • Custom Track support from LayOut
  • New Game Modes (Continuous Mode & Time Trial Mode)
  • Many, many more enhancements


The latest version is 0.3 (November 2014)

  • Windows - OpenGL Rendering: You will also need to install this.
  • Windows - Software Rendering: Use if you have compatibility issues with the above build.

Ports by other people:

...or try a cutdown Javascript version in your web browser.

Now What?

  • Read the manual to get started.

| Blog | Manual | FAQ | License | TODO List | Helping Out |

Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Chris White.
OutRun is a trademark of the SEGA Corporation. This project is not affiliated with SEGA in any way.

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