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05 Jun 14:49
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.32.1...v1.33.0


02 May 16:10
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Full Changelog: v1.32.0...v1.32.1


02 May 16:09
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.31.1...v1.32.0


20 Feb 13:44
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What's Changed

  • Make dub run --root=x default app CWD in dub CWD by @WebFreak001 in #2583
  • Fix path-based dependencies in sub-packages from path-based dependencies by @WebFreak001 in #2588
  • PackageManager: Don't use deprecated interface to PackageOverride by @Geod24 in #2584

Full Changelog: v1.31.0...v1.31.1


20 Feb 13:43
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.30.0...v1.31.0

v1.30.0: Major refactoring, better JSON support, colors...

24 Nov 16:51
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What's Changed

  • merge stable by @MartinNowak in #2242
  • merge stable by @MartinNowak in #2245
  • merge stable by @MartinNowak in #2250
  • Fix #1856 - enable building the special test runner config by @kinke in #2218
  • Add support for coverage at compile-time (CTFE) by @nordlow in #2256
  • Merge stable by @kinke in #2265
  • Fix issue 2258 where dependency target binaries are not copied by @rikkimax in #2259
  • commandline: Refactor and streamline special syntaxes by @Geod24 in #2264
  • Build{Options,Requirements}: Use a common templated struct by @Geod24 in #2266
  • Fix #2234 make copies writable by @veelo in #2253
  • Dependency: Isolate SemVer version logic in its own struct by @Geod24 in #2271
  • Trivial: Re-use findPackageFile in commandline module by @Geod24 in #2274
  • sdl: Do not use deprecated aliases by @Geod24 in #2275
  • sdl/json: Do not create dummy dependencyBuildSettings entry by @Geod24 in #2276
  • Upgrade dub.selections.json by @Geod24 in #2278
  • Move fix for issue 711 outside of JSON/SDL parser by @Geod24 in #2277
  • Allow "dub :subpackage" shortcut syntax to run a certain sub package by @s-ludwig in #2283
  • Don't ignore targetName in non-executable unittest configurations by @kinke in #2289
  • Add a command line option for upgrading all sub packages. by @s-ludwig in #2285
  • merge stable by @ibuclaw in #2295
  • Fix dub_test_root imports for non-all-at-once compilations by @kinke in #2288
  • Project: Remove dead m_packageSettings var and related func by @Geod24 in #2297
  • Avoid needless string concat in log calls by @Geod24 in #2298
  • Merge stable by @kinke in #2299
  • Project.addTestRunnerConfiguration(): Don't accidentally modify base config's buildSettings by @kinke in #2300
  • Deprecate once-called redundant getLatestPackage by @Geod24 in #2301
  • Remove leading hyphen in platform specs by @Geod24 in #2279
  • getDefaultConfiguration(): Accept a const BuildPlatform argument by @kinke in #2304
  • Dependency: Move spec / git ref inside of Repository by @Geod24 in #2306
  • PackageManager: Use PackageRecipe, not JSON, for dummy object by @Geod24 in #2307
  • Move some version-only constants and helpers in VersionRange by @Geod24 in #2305
  • Dependency: Improve attribute annotation and prepare for SumType by @Geod24 in #2308
  • Trivial: Remove an always-true if by @Geod24 in #2313
  • Various code simplification around dub.selections.json by @Geod24 in #2311
  • SelectedVersions: Add Repository to overload set by @Geod24 in #2314
  • Deprecate PackageManager.loadSCMPackage & other Dependency-related refactoring by @Geod24 in #2312
  • Deprecate duplicated JSON serialization for Dependency by @Geod24 in #2315
  • Dependency: Change format for path-based dependencies by @Geod24 in #2316
  • Dependency: Remove top-level safe, apply to decl by @Geod24 in #2317
  • Trivial: Remove a leftover debug statement by @Geod24 in #2320
  • sdl: Simplify Dependency parsing by @Geod24 in #2318
  • Fix missing deserialization of fileVersion from dub.selections.json by @kinke in #2321
  • Suppress version for path-based deps in Dependency.toJson() by @kinke in #2322
  • commandline: Catch Exception, not Throwable by @Geod24 in #2323
  • Refactor Dependency to use std.sumtype by @Geod24 in #2302
  • Upgrade dub.selections.json with vibe-d v0.9.5 by @Geod24 in #2325
  • Fix missing sanitizing of subpackage targetTypes by @kinke in #2326
  • test/version-spec: Fix broken pipe issue by @Geod24 in #2327
  • Fail fast on Windows. by @veelo in #2330
  • Trivial: Streamline code when package not found in project by @Geod24 in #2332
  • CI: Switch to macOS-11 as 10.15 will be removed Aug 30th by @Geod24 in #2334
  • Trivial: Deduplicate GeneratorSettings initialization by @Geod24 in #2335
  • Trivial: Fix syntax for Params documentation in packagesuppliers by @Geod24 in #2337
  • Refactor and document private struct SpecialDirs by @Geod24 in #2336
  • Do not call Project.reinit from commandline by @Geod24 in #2339
  • Trivial: Deprecate Dub.remove(Package, bool) by @Geod24 in #2342
  • Remove long-deprecated 'install' and 'uninstall' command by @Geod24 in #2340
  • Move some package manager duties to PackageManager by @Geod24 in #2341
  • Use configy to read dub.selections.json by @Geod24 in #2310
  • use json.get directly instead of casting by @WebFreak001 in #2344
  • Commandline: Do not duplicate GeneratorSettings fields by @Geod24 in #2346
  • CI: Fix script for issue1505 by @Geod24 in #2309
  • Colored output by @veelo in #2268
  • Use Configy to read user settings (settings.json) too by @Geod24 in #2343
  • Move environment read outside of DependencyResolver by @Geod24 in #2351
  • Support escaped forward slashes in YAML parser by @Geod24 in #2349
  • settings/selections: Only warn on unknown keys, add changelog by @Geod24 in #2352
  • Some PackageManager cleanup by @Geod24 in #2353
  • Trivial: Update comments on PackageManager by @Geod24 in #2354
  • Deprecate Dependency.matchesAny in favor of VersionRange by @Geod24 in #2357
  • Dependency: Ensures call to version_ are on version-containing object by @Geod24 in #2356
  • Expose a visit method for Dependency by @Geod24 in #2358
  • Default dub init to SDL by @WebFreak001 in #2361
  • Revert "Default dub init to SDL" by @WebFreak001 in #2362
  • Also add options when we combine buildsettings by @ryuukk in #2363
  • Minor cleanup between the Dub and PackageManager interface by @Geod24 in #2364
  • made return codes more consistent + improved man page format by @WebFreak001 in #2365
  • Remove a few usages of old version-spec approach from test-suite by @Geod24 in #2370
  • Integrate Configy colored output with dub's by @Geod24 in #2367
  • Configy: Implement soundexer-based key-matching in strict mode by @Geod24 in #2368
  • Remove Dub.updatePackageSearchPath by @Geod24 in #2369
  • Improve PackageOverride API, deprecate Dependency.versionSpec by @Geod24 in #2366
  • PackageManager: Move some code to Location instead of nested function by @Geod24 in #2371
  • Improve searchPackages naming+docs by @WebFreak001 in #2372
  • improve some output coloring by @WebFreak001 in #2350
  • PackageManager: Move some Location-specific routines to Location by @Geod24 in #2373
  • Dub.fetch: Deprecate Dependency overload, only accept Version[range] by @Geod24 in #2374
  • Project: Use Dependency.visit instead of if/else by @Geod24 in #2376
  • PackageManager.getBestPackage: Introduce Version[Range] overloads by @Geod24 in #2375
  • Configy: Synchronize with upstream changes by @Geod24 in #2378
  • Add Flags.fromYAML and other minor fixes by @Geod24 in #2379
  • Minor: Replace a foreach with a nested function by @Geod24 in #2380
  • Fix #2383 by @lempiji in #2384
  • Fix x86 OMF build support by @0xEAB in #2389
  • Configy: Move dub-specific extension tests to their own module by @Geod24 in #2392
  • Us...

v1.29.2: Match versions of cached packages exactly

24 Nov 16:48
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What's Changed

Full Changelog: v1.29.1...v1.29.2


18 Jul 19:38
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What's Changed

  • Harden package version detection from git describe by @kinke in #2263

Full Changelog: v1.29.0...v1.29.1


18 Jul 19:38
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.28.0...v1.29.0


18 Jul 19:38
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What's Changed

Full Changelog: v1.27.0...v1.28.0