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Git support


DUB it's a very useful tool, but you can use it only with a package registry or local files. There are a lot of cases when you can not use a package from DUB registry. For example you want to use a private repository or you want to use your own fork of a library that there already exists in the registry. It would be great if you could use a git repository as a dependency.

This proposal provides a way of defining git repositories as a dependency for a project. This document presents how you could use git, but it can be boot straped to any version control system.


Using a particular commit

We should be able to provide a particular commit by setting the sha

dependency "vibe-d" git_commit="~0ff563dbff036a1fb1de20277d15ac49ab5847a8"

Using a particular repository

We should be able to provide a custom repository location that will be cloned using git

dependency git="" git_commit="~0ff563dbff036a1fb1de20277d15ac49ab5847a8"

Other implementations

You can see the npm (node.js package manager) declaration here

See also

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