Some simple R programming examples
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R examples


Scripts in this folder do some simple things: plot a sine curve, circle, and a lissajous curve, draw a phyllotaxis spiral, create a multiplication table, a pascal triangle fractal...


Scripts in this folder draw a variety of Chladni figures []


A script that generates 1000 trials of the Monty Hall problem scenario. Sourcing the script monty_hall.r populates the MontyHall data frame. []

Probability Simulations

pancake.Rmd - A simulation of the 'burnt pancake problem.'

false_positives.Rmd - Simulation for a problem infolving false positives in a medical test.

birthday.Rmd - The famous birthday problem.

twin_lab_partners.Rmd - A problem from Will You be Alive 10 Years from Now by Paul J. Nahin.

r_roulette.Rmd - Simulations inspired by exercises from Grinstead and Snell’s Introduction to Probability

overrepresentation.Rmd - A short look at how to talk about overrepresentation, using conditional probability.