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HPK: HTML Presentation Kit


HPK is a toolkit for creating presentations in HTML. The presentations created
using HPK can be viewed directly in your browser - either as a single HTML page
with all slides, or as a slide show like in any common presentation program. The
toolkit will automatically generate navigation controls, handle keyboard
navigation, etc. No additional software except the browser is needed to view the
presentation. Technically, the toolkit is just a bunch of CSS and JavaScript
files which you link in your HTML file with the presentation.

The features include:

* Full mouse an keyboard navigation in the presentation
* Themability with nice default theme
* Localization support
* Compatibility with OSF 1.0 (

1. Open the example-presentation.html file in your browser.
2. Click "Run presentation" and learn about the HPK features.
3. Copy the file and modify it to create your own presentation. Use its source
   code as a guide.
4. For more information about creating presentations in HPK, see the
   documentation at the HPK website: [TODO:URL].

Browser Support
* IE 6+
* Firefox 3+
* Safari 3+
* Chrome 1+
* Opera 9.6+

It is entirely possible that the HPK presentations will work in other browsers
or older browser versions too. The supported browsers and version are the ones I
tested extensively.

HPK was brought to you by David Majda (,

More Information
See the HPK website at [TODO:URL].