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PHP MVC Instant Gallery

Generates a gallery index with thumbnails from a directory of images. Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and subdirectories. Demonstrates OOP, MVC architecture, and autoloading.


PHP server with GD2 extension installed and enabled

Basic Installation

To serve a gallery at the root of a domain or subdomain, simply deploy the contents of this repository to the relevant web folder and place the images to be displayed in the fulls directory.

Advanced Configuration

Several constants can be edited at the top of index.php to customize the operation of the gallery:

  • GALLERY_ROOT: In order to deploy the gallery in a subdirectory of your domain or subdomain, edit this constant to contain the relative URL of that subdirectory, including leading and trailing slashes. For example, if deploying to, set the value of this constant to /gallery/.
  • GALLERY_TITLE: The contents of this variable are displayed to the user in the page title.
  • THUMBNAIL_WIDTH / THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT: Maximum size of generated thumbnails, in pixels.
  • THUMBNAIL_QUALITY: JPEG output quality of generated thumbnails.
  • THUMBNAIL_CROP: If set to false, generated thumbnails will have the same aspect ratio as the original images. Otherwise, the image will be center-cropped to fill the thumbnail.
  • LIGHTBOX_SHOW: If set to false, thumbnails will link to the original images instead of launching a slideshow.
  • LIGHTBOX_LOOP: Set this value to true to enable looping from the last image to the first in the slideshow, and vice versa.
  • ANCHOR_TARGET: Determines the behavior of thumbnail links in the absence of the lightbox. Set this to _self to open full images in the same tab (default is _blank for a new tab).


Fast file-based gallery script with zero setup




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