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Declarative way to describe a Core Data model in code.
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Declarative way to describe a Core Data model in code.


Use CoreDataModelDescription to describe your model. Sample code describes this model:

Image of Author, Publication, and Article model

Assuming you already defined Author, Publication, and Article subclasses of NSManagedObject.

let modelDescription = CoreDataModelDescription(
    entities: [
            name: "Author",
            managedObjectClass: Author.self,
            attributes: [
                .attribute(name: "name", type: .stringAttributeType)
            relationships: [
                .relationship(name: "publications", destination: "Publication", toMany: true, deleteRule: .cascadeDeleteRule, inverse: "author")
            name: "Publication",
            managedObjectClass: Publication.self,
            attributes: [
                .attribute(name: "publicationDate", type: .dateAttributeType),
                .attribute(name: "numberOfViews", type: .integer64AttributeType, isOptional: true)
            relationships: [
                .relationship(name: "author", destination: "Author", toMany: false, inverse: "publications")
            name: "Article",
            managedObjectClass: Article.self,
            parentEntity: "Publication",
            attributes: [
                .attribute(name: "text", type: .stringAttributeType)

let model = modelDescription.makeModel()


Motivation and creating this package described in my article Core Data and Swift Package Manager.

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