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Git helpers

git-helpers is a collection of shell functions which purpose is to automate the process of deploying changes from one branch to another easier using patches.

Commands supported

The following commands are currently supported by the git-helpers:

apply   Applies a patch to the specified branch
init    Perform initial setup of the helpers
new     Starts off a new change
pull    Performs a pull on the Cfengine servers
revert  Reverts a change from the specified branch
squash  Creates a patch from a squashed merge against a specified branch
sync    Syncs a branch using rebase
verify  Verifies a patch against the specified branch

Installing the helpers

In order to install the helpers follow the instructions below.

Clone the Git repository.

Add to your shell profile, e.g. ~/.bashrc a line to source the helpers

source /path/to/git-helpers/

And that's it.

Using the helpers

In order to use the helpers execute the git change command, which is a Git alias for the helpers.

To get usage information about a subcommand execute git change help <subcommand>