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DNB Design System
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DNB Design System

This is a mono repo and uses yarn workspaces to manage the sub packages/workspaces. Some of the included packages/workspaces are dnb-design-guide and dnb-ui-lib. Read more about the purposes of them in the respective packages files.

DNB Eufemia Portal

Find more information on how to use the Design System on the Eufemia Portal.


Find more information about how to contribute in the development section. But in short, follow along and read the rest of this short readme text.


Install Node.js and yarn.

Setup Instructions

  1. Clone this repo to your local machine git clone [repo]
  2. cd into the main directory and run yarn install

Use develop and the GitHub Flow

  1. Make sure You run git checkout develop - as develop is the working branch
  2. Make your own branch in case You are making a pull request into develop


The CI will handle new releases once the changes (by a Pull Request) gets merged from origin/develop into the origin/release branch.

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