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Testcontainers Infinispan

The Testcontainers library provides container implementations for a few different docker containers that you might want to use during integration tests. You can always use a generic container to launch other images. This repository contains an implementation of a container for the Infinispan cache server. It provides an API that is aimed to help you configure the container.

At the moment this is a rudimentary implementation and by no means complete. It only supports the Hotrod protocol to connect to the Infinispan server, for example.

Further information can be found in these blog posts:

Feel free to suggest changes!


It's possible to run Infinispan in standalone or in clustered mode. See the integration tests contained in this repository for detailed examples.

Instantiation of the Infinispan containers

Here's a simple example how you can use the StandaloneInfinispanContainer.

public static InfinispanContainer infinispan = new StandaloneInfinispanContainer();

If you want to run Infinispan as a one-node clustered instance, you can do it like this:

public static InfinispanContainer infinispan = new ClusteredInfinispanContainer();

Cache creation

You can create simple local caches that need to be available for your tests. If you run an up-to-date Infinispan container (>9.1.0) then caches can be created using the API of the RemoteCacheManager provided by the Infinispan client library. Simple configure some caches that the InfinispanContainer should create for you. They will automatically be created once the container has started.

new StandaloneInfinispanContainer()

The ClusteredInfinispanContainer supports the same method.

If you run an Infinispan server version prior to 9.1.0, you can link a configuration file that contains the necessary caches into the container:

new StandaloneInfinispanContainer("jboss/infinispan-server:9.0.3.Final")

There's an equivalent for the ClusteredInfinispanContainer:

new ClusteredInfinispanContainer("jboss/infinispan-server:9.0.3.Final")

CacheManager retrieval

If you want, you can retrieve a RemoteCacheManager from the container:


For general usage info on Testcontainers please look at the examples of the project.