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nolearn contains a number of wrappers and abstractions around existing neural network libraries, most notably Lasagne, along with a few machine learning utility modules. All code is written to be compatible with scikit-learn.


nolearn is currently unmaintained. However, if you follow the installation instructions, you should still be able to get it to work (namely with library versions that are outdated at this point).

If you're looking for an alternative to nolearn.lasagne, a library that integrates neural networks with scikit-learn, then take a look at skorch, which wraps PyTorch for scikit-learn.


We recommend using venv (when using Python 3) or virtualenv (Python 2) to install nolearn.

nolearn comes with a list of known good versions of dependencies that we test with in requirements.txt. To install the latest version of nolearn from Git along with these known good dependencies, run these two commands:

pip install -r
pip install git+


If you're looking for how to use nolearn.lasagne, then there's two introductory tutorials that you can choose from:

For specifics around classes and functions out of the lasagne package, such as layers, updates, and nonlinearities, you'll want to look at the Lasagne project's documentation.

nolearn.lasagne comes with a number of tests that demonstrate some of the more advanced features, such as networks with merge layers, and networks with multiple inputs.

nolearn's own documentation is somewhat out of date at this point. But there's more resources online.

Finally, there's a few presentations and examples from around the web. Note that some of these might need a specific version of nolearn and Lasange to run:


If you're seeing a bug with nolearn, please submit a bug report to the nolearn issue tracker. Make sure to include information such as:

  • how to reproduce the error: show us how to trigger the bug using a minimal example
  • what versions you are using: include the Git revision and/or version of nolearn (and possibly Lasagne) that you're using

Please also make sure to search the issue tracker to see if your issue has been encountered before or fixed.

If you believe that you're seeing an issue with Lasagne, which is a different software project, please use the Lasagne issue tracker instead.

There's currently no user mailing list for nolearn. However, if you have a question related to Lasagne, you might want to try the Lasagne users list, or use Stack Overflow. Please refrain from contacting the authors for non-commercial support requests directly; public forums are the right place for these.


Citations are welcome:

Daniel Nouri. 2014. nolearn: scikit-learn compatible neural network library


See the LICENSE.txt file for license rights and limitations (MIT).