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Hard fork required to implement DobbsShield: BLOCK RETARGET CHANGE

UPGRADE NOW TO: v0.8.7.0

DobbsShield helps ensure greater confidence by allowing the difficulty to rise and fall almost perfectly in sync with increases or decreases in the net hash of the coin. The secret to DobbsShield is an asymmetrical approach to difficulty re-targeting. With DobbsShield, the difficulty is allowed to decrease in larger movements than it is allowed to increase from block to block. This keeps a blockchain from getting "stuck" i.e., not finding the next block for several hours (or days) following a major drop in the net hash of coin. It is all a balancing act. You need to allow the difficulty to increase enoug…

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  • Now running with a customized KGW we're calling "Bobs Wormhole"

        - "Bobs Wormhole" is tuned for 10 minute block targets. 
        - Faster reacting and hopefully more resistant to multi-pools.
        - Several fixes for known KGW issues (redonkulogging error & timewarp fix)
  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to 1.0.1g, just to be safe - even tho the Bitcoin source we're based on was not vulnerable to The Conspiracy's HeartBleed backdoor.

  • A complete rework of the IMAGE & ICON set, cos that's super important for a crypto-currency paying homage to a Texas UFO SEX Cult. All sorts'a wicked, bad ass shit that no one else's doing.. like spinning dobbsheads - A slew of Pipes and other wonderfully entertaining gimcracks.

  • Hardcoded seed/test-…