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Export Tailwindcss config options to SASS, SCSS, LESS, and Stylus variables.
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Export Tailwind config options like a pro


  • 🚀 Exports Tailwindcss config options to SASS, SCSS, LESS and Stylus.
  • 💥 CLI and Node api support
  • 💪 Unit Tested

Getting started

Using npm:

npm install tailwindcss-export-config

or with yarn:

yarn add tailwindcss-export-config

Make a package.json script and run it for convenience

  "scripts": {
    "export-tailwind-config": "tailwindcss-export-config --config=path/to/tailwind.config.js --destination=destination/of/generated/tailwind-variables --format=scss"

You can also use the Node API

import TailwindExportConfig from 'tailwindcss-export-config'

const converter = new TailwindExportConfig({
  config: 'path/to/tailwind.config.js',
  destination: 'converted/file/destination',
  format: 'scss',
  prefix: 'tw',
  flat: true

// writeToFile returns a promise so we can chain off it
  .then(() => {
  .catch((error) => {
    console.log('Oops', error.message)

Config Options

All options are available to the CLI and node package. Type tailwindcss-export-config --h for help.

Prop Type Required Description
config String,Object true Tailwindcss config path or config object to transform
destination String true Destination to save converted file
format String true The format in which to convert the file
prefix String false An optional prefix for each variable name
flat Boolean false Optionally transforms the variables from nested maps to flat level variables. Less does not support nested maps so we default to flat for them always.

Example export

Lets get a portion of the Tailwind config

module.exports = {
  theme: {
    fontFamily: {
      display: ['Gilroy', 'sans-serif'],
      body: ['Graphik', 'sans-serif'],
    extend: {
      colors: {
        cyan: '#9cdbff',

Using the CLI command

tailwindcss-export-config --config=tailwind.config.js --destination=tailwind-variables --format=scss --flat

How would this look when generated?


Using the flat param we get:

$screens-sm: 640px;
$screens-md: 768px;
$screens-lg: 1024px;
$screens-xl: 1280px;

$fontFamily-display: (Gilroy,sans-serif);
$fontFamily-body: (Graphik,sans-serif);

//... other vars
$colors-pink-800: #97266d;
$colors-pink-900: #702459;
$colors-cyan: #9cdbff;

or without with the flat param set to false

$fontFamily: (
  display: (Gilroy,sans-serif),
  body: (Graphik,sans-serif),

$colors: (
  //... other vars
  pink-700: #b83280,
  pink-800: #97266d,
  pink-900: #702459,
  cyan: #9cdbff,

When working with SASS, the second (nested map) approach is a bit more annoying to work with as you have to do map_get($colors, black) but things are easier to loop if you need to.

Sass is almost the same and you can import both sass and scss vars into the same project. We support them both if someone prefers one syntax over the other.


@fontFamily-display: Gilroy, sans-serif;
@fontFamily-body: Graphik, sans-serif;

// other vas
@colors-pink-600: #d53f8c;
@colors-pink-700: #b83280;
@colors-pink-800: #97266d;
@colors-pink-900: #702459;
@colors-cyan: #9cdbff;

Note: Less does not have nested maps, so passing the flat param will not do anything


$fontFamily-display = (Gilroy,sans-serif);
$fontFamily-body = (Graphik,sans-serif);

// ...other vars

$colors-pink-800 = #97266d;
$colors-pink-900 = #702459;
$colors-cyan = #9cdbff;

or with the flat param to false

$fontFamily = {
  display: (Gilroy,sans-serif),
  body: (Graphik,sans-serif),

// ...other vars

$colors = {
   // ...other vars
  "pink-600": #d53f8c,
  "pink-700": #b83280,
  "pink-800": #97266d,
  "pink-900": #702459,
  cyan: #9cdbff,

With stylus, using nested maps is a matter of reaching using dot notation $ or $colors[black]. JavaScript anyone?


You can prefix variables to escape naming collisions by using the prefix param

tailwindcss-export-config --config=tailwind.config.js --destination=tailwind-variables --format=scss --flat --prefix=tw
$tw-fontFamily-display: (Gilroy,sans-serif);
$tw-fontFamily-body: (Graphik,sans-serif);

$tw-colors-pink-600: #d53f8c;
$tw-colors-pink-700: #b83280;
$tw-colors-pink-800: #97266d;
$tw-colors-pink-900: #702459;
$tw-colors-cyan: #9cdbff;


This branch works with v1.x of Tailwindcss. If you are using the older 0.x version, please use legacy version

npm install tailwindcss-export-config@legacy
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