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For Translators

It's preferable to use Zanata interface to translate documents.

If you want to translate documents through another tool, use always the .po files, ignore .pot files, they are used only for Zanata.

More information about pt_BR translation

For Zanata administrators

The .pot files are used as template/source for all languages. In future we could generate them in the en_US.ISO8859-1 directory in FreeBSD Doc repository.

The Zanata Command line client (CLI) is the perfect way to connect to a Zanata server to push and pull content.


You can download zanata-cli here.


To config your zanata-cli:

cat ~/.config/zanata.ini

main commands

Main commands to push and pull translations:

Initial push or used when the document in English was updated.

zanata-cli push --push-type both --locales pt-BR

Push translations when the .po file was updated through another tool.

zanata-cli push --push-type trans --locales pt-BR

More info zanata-cli push --help:

 --push-type TYPE                   : Type of push to perform on the server:
                                        "source" (default) pushes source documents only.
                                        "trans" pushes translation documents only.
                                        "both" pushes both source and translation documents.

Pull translations.

zanata-cli pull --locales pt-BR

More info zanata-cli pull --help:

 --pull-type TYPE               : Type of pull to perform from the server: "source" pulls source documents only.
                                  "trans" (default) pulls translation documents only.
                                  "both" pulls both source and translation documents.