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Docker Code of Conduct

This repository contains the Docker, Inc. Open Source Code of Conduct, used at DockerCon and other events, meetups, and user groups.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

For attribution requirements:

"@Docker Code of Conduct" © 2016 Docker, Inc, used under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported license:"

How to contribute

The Code of Conduct is in a separate file so that it can be pulled into publications for events and meetups without having to trim this explanatory text.

To contribute, fork this repo, and submit a PR. We'll review, discuss, and merge changes as needed. Thank you!

Translations available

The Code of Conduct is currently available in:

Wishlist/To Do List:

We welcome contributions from community members interested in helping us maintain, and expand the coverage of this CoC. To that end, we have a wishlist for edits:


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