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Docker 🐳 powered environments for web development on macOS, Windows and Linux
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sean-e-dietrich and lmakarov Logging for Service Containers (#1354)
* Updated varibles

* Fixing Spacing Issue.

* Added documentation for docker logging

* Added so variables are exported to use in templates.

* Moved container logging variables to runtime

Co-authored-by: Leonid Makarov <>
Latest commit c46e10f May 28, 2020


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.github Github issue and pull request templates Apr 11, 2017
bin Logging for Service Containers (#1354) May 28, 2020
docs Logging for Service Containers (#1354) May 28, 2020
examples/.docksal Fixed ngrok.yml config file documentation (#1145) Oct 3, 2019
scripts Update fin exec help Mar 6, 2019
stacks Logging for Service Containers (#1354) May 28, 2020
tests Fix tests Dec 10, 2019
.gitignore .gitignore update May 27, 2016
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.travis.yml Switch travis build to ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) Nov 14, 2019 Bump fin 1.95.0 May 14, 2020 Updated Dec 18, 2019
LICENSE Updated LICENSE year Dec 18, 2019 Added name to list of maintainers (#581) Jun 5, 2018 Updated README Dec 18, 2019
netlify.toml Fixing Netlify builds Nov 16, 2018

Docksal Latest Release Build Status

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Docker powered environments for web development on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Running Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Laravel, Symfony, Backdrop, Grav, Hugo, Gatsby, and others can be one step away with ready-to-use boilerplates.

fin project create

Create your custom automation in Bash, PHP or Node to spin up your project anywhere where Docksal is with a single command, or to automate regular tasks. A unified environment ensures that your automation will work for everyone in your team.

Better than VMs

"I love my Vagrant box. Why would I want to switch to a Docker based solution?"

Containers are just Better than VMs: smaller, faster, portable, and more efficient across the board.

Unified development environment for your team regardless of the OS.

Unprecedented ability to automate routine tasks, slashing the time to on-board new team members.

Getting Started

Follow the Getting Started steps.

Then simply try

fin project create

If you would like to be in more control, clone one of the pre-configured boilerplate project repos to your local and run fin init.

More advanced use cases and tutorials are available in the Documentation and Blog.

Contributing to Docksal

Ready to give back? Check the Contributing docs on how to get involved.

We have chat rooms on Gitter and Slack where questions can be asked and answered:

If you have experience with Docksal and Docker, please stick around in the rooms to help others.


For the list of current and past releases check the Projects section.
Change records are published there and in the Changelog docs.

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