Docksal Unison container (requires fin 1.54.2 or higher)
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Docksal Unison

Unison container suited for Docksal needs. Continuously syncs files between two directories.


  1. Add to the docksal.env:

  2. If your project was running before, then remove old containers and volumes with fin project remove

    NOTE: fin project reset will not work here, as it does not remove named volumes

  3. fin project start

Additional environment variables

You do not need to set any additional variables for the container to work, but you can override them if you understand what you are doing.

This container uses values from a handful of environment variables. These are documented below.

  • SYNC_SOURCE (default: /source): The path inside the container which will be used as the source of the file sync. Most of the time, you probably shouldn't change the value of this variable. Instead, just bind-mount your files into the container at /source and call it a day.
  • SYNC_DESTINATION (default: /destination): When files are changed in SYNC_SOURCE, they will be copied over to the equivalent paths in SYNC_DESTINATION. If you are using bg-sync to avoid filesystem slowness, you should set this path to whatever path the volume is at in your application container. In the example above, for instance, this would be /var/www/myapp.
  • SYNC_PREFER (default in image: /source, default in Docksal: newer): Control the conflict strategy to apply when there are conflicts. The "newer" option will pick up the most recent files.
  • SYNC_MAX_INOTIFY_WATCHES (default in image: '', default in Docksal: '524288'): If set, the sync script will attempt to increase the value of fs.inotify.max_user_watches. IMPORTANT: This requires that you run this container as a privileged container. Otherwise, the inotify limit increase will not work. As always, when running a third party container as a privileged container, look through the source thoroughly first to make sure it won't do anything nefarious. should be pretty understandable. Go on - read it. I'll wait.
  • SYNC_EXTRA_UNISON_PROFILE_OPTS (default: ''): The value of this variable will be appended to the end of the Unison profile that's automatically generated when this container is started. Ensure that the syntax is valid. If you have more than one option that you want to add, simply make this a multiline string. IMPORTANT: The ability to add extra lines to your Unison profile is supported by the bg-sync project. The results of what might happen because of this configuration is not. Use this option at your own risk.
  • SYNC_NODELETE_SOURCE (default in image: '1', default in Docksal: '0'): Set this variable to "0" to allow Unison to sync deletions to the source directory. This could cause unpredictable behavior with your source files.
  • UNISON_USER (default: 'root'): The user running Unison. When this value is customized it's also possible to specify UNISON_UID, UNISON_GROUP and UNISON_GID to ensure that unison has the correct permissions to manage files under SYNC_SOURCE and SYNC_DESTINATION.
  • UNISON_UID (default: '0'): See UNISON_USER.
  • UNISON_GROUP (default: 'root'): See UNISON_USER.
  • UNISON_GID (default: '0'): See UNISON_USER.