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Adds support for Pygments Syntax Highlighting to DocPad
CoffeeScript HTML
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Pygments Plugin for DocPad

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This plugin enables Pygments syntax highlighting for DocPad

NOTE: Please try the HighlightJS plugin instead, it is faster and more reliable as it is coded in JavaScript, whereas for Pygments we have to start up a new process for each code block which is incredibly slow and sometimes unreliable.


  1. Install Python Dependency

    If you are on Linux or OSX, generally Python is already installed for you.

    1. Installing Python via Homebrew

      1. Install Homebrew

      2. Install Python Dependency

        brew install python
      3. Add the Python share directory to your path: /usr/local/share/python

      4. Now follow the generic installation instructions

  2. Install Pip Dependency

    easy_install pip
  3. Install Pygments Dependency

    pip install pygments
  4. Include your favourite Pygments Stylesheet into your website

  5. Install this Plugin

    docpad install pygments


  • With Github Flavored Markdown

      ## Coffeescript with markdown backticks:
      ``` coffeescript
      alert 'hello'
      ## Guessing with markdown backticks:
      alert 'hello'
      ## Guessing with markdown standard:
      	alert 'hello'
  • With HTML

     <h2>Coffeescript with html:</h2>
     <code class="highlight" lang="coffeescript">
     	alert 'hello'
     <h2>Guessing with html:</h2>
     <code class="highlight">
     	alert 'hello'


If you are wanting to generate your DocPad website on your hosting provider, rather than deploying a static site. You will have to install pygments on the host as well. You're probably better off using the HighlightJS plugin instead.


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