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npm install docpad-plugin-minicms not installing #647

s2zaman opened this Issue · 11 comments

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My previous issue #646 was resolved by @balupton .
But this came up.
The error results from the command npm install docpad-plugin-minicms

npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http 200
npm http 200

> unicode@0.4.4 postinstall C:\Users\VCR1\node_modules\docpad-plugin-minicms\nod
> node install.js

try to read file /usr/share/unicode/UnicodeData.txt …
Warning: using slow naiv Buffer.indexOf function!
`npm install buffertools` to speed things up.
/usr/share/unicode/UnicodeData.txt not found.
try to read file /usr/share/unicode-data/UnicodeData.txt …
/usr/share/unicode-data/UnicodeData.txt not found.
try to download …
npm http GET
npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http GET
npm http 200
npm http 200

        throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
    at errnoException (net.js:901:11)
    at Object.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:892:19)
npm ERR! weird error 8
npm ERR! not ok code 0

Whenever you use docpad install you don't need to add docpad-plugin- to the plugin name. So in this case docpad install minicms is enough. :)


That's true, although I'm not sure that is what caused this error though. We'll need to get the minicms author to weigh in on this as he would know best. @jeremyfa what are your thoughts?


Seems that a the slug module is broken. Need to check what is going on. Give me some time to take a look!


@jeremyfa Have you checked the issue...


I tested the installation on the last version of docpad (6.53.0) with last version of node (0.10.18) and everything installs correctly.

My suggestions:

  • Try again the installation. Maybe the dependency was broken for a while and is now fixed by its author
  • Update docpad and node version and try again

Are you running on Mac, Linux?


I'm using Windows 8 Pro, 32-bit OS on x64-based architecture.
Thanks for resolving the problem !!


So it's working now for you @s2zaman?


I think there is problem either with the sigmund or lru-cache or both.
I tried the installation, both with npm and docpad but the error comes up on reaching the mentioned packages.


@isaacs any ideas? or any ideas on who we should ask?


Works fine for me.


Thanks to you all.
The problem is solved !

The problem was not with the sigmund,lru-cache.
The unicode package has some issue in it.

I worked around on it on my system as:

Hint: code in the [ ] indicates path.

  1. I captured the "docpad-plugin-minicms" folder manually, while the npm install was being carried out in the [../examples/blog]. then copied it to the [../examples/blog/node_modules/].
  2. downloaded "UnicodeData.txt" file manually
  3. downloaded the "node-unicodetable" manually, put in the [../examples/blog/node_modules/docpad-plugin-minicms']
  4. rename the "node-unicodetable" folder to "unicode"
  5. Finally docpad server in [../examples/blog/]
@s2zaman s2zaman referenced this issue in dodo/node-unicodetable

unicode install error #6

@s2zaman s2zaman closed this
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