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DBAL-34: MySql getListTableForeignKeysSQL doesn't work for 5.0.xx #1526

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Jira issue originally created by user tiw:

The sql contains mysql specific code. And for the mysql the sql statement has syntax error.

in /Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/MySqlPlatform.php:
public function getListTableForeignKeysSQL($table, $database = null)
"k.REFERENCED*COLUMN_NAME /!50116 , c.update_rule, c.deleterule / ".
"FROM information
schema.key_columnusage k /!50116 ".
"INNER JOIN informationschema.referentialconstraints c ON ".
" c.constraintname = k.constraintname AND ".
" c.tablename = '$table' */ WHERE k.tablename = '$table'";

    if ($database) {
        $sql .= " AND k.table*schema = '$database' AND c.constraint*schema = '$database'";

    $sql .= " AND `REFERENCED*COLUMN*NAME` is not NULL";

    return $sql;


For the mysql lower as 5.1.16 the SQL could be as the following:

SELECT DISTINCT k.CONSTRAINT*NAME, k.COLUMN_NAME, k.REFERENCED_TABLE_NAME, k.REFERENCED_COLUMN_NAME FROM information_schema.key_column_usage k WHERE k.table_name = 'some_table' AND k.table_schema = 'some database' AND c.constraint_schema = 'some database' AND REFERENCED_COLUMN*NAME is not NULL

In this statement there is no reference of c


Comment created by @beberlei:



Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"


Comment created by gedrox:

Pity that because of this the Doctrine schema-tool update action reports incorrect change list.
It tries to drop/add foreign keys because "ON DELETE CASCADE" option isn't read from the database at all.


Comment created by @beberlei:

5.0.x has no way to export the CASCADE details. Its just not possible to get this data in 5.0

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