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The Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark: Survival Evolved is being translated into every language and your help is needed!

Translate Dododex

Translations are crowdsourced — edits made to this Github project will be included in a future version of the app. Continued edits and new languages will be added through Github.


1. Open translations.js and click "Edit."

2. Add translations

Look at the English version of a phrase, and then add a translation to the corresponding section for your language (language codes are listed below). It's best to translate from English to your language, as other languages may not yet be verified.

If you are unsure of any translation, please keep it blank so someone else can add it later. Do not add notes to your translation, or add multiple translations. Instead, open an Issue (detailed below) to discuss the correct translation.

If you'd like, feel free to add your name and (optionally) a URL the bottom of the file.

3. Submit your changes

This will be submitted as a pull request and will be approved. You

(If you have any trouble with these instructions, but still want to help, please contact me at dan14lev at!)

Join the Translator Chat!


  • Open creatures.json and click "Edit."
  • Add translated names in your language. Please keep languages in alphabetical order, according to their language code.
  • If a creature does not have a translation, simply omit it. Do not create a copy of the English translation, as Dododex will automatically fall back on the English translations. However, please consider transliterating if you think it would be more helpful to speakers of your language.
  • IMPORTANT: Dialetcs (For example: Brazilian Portuguese / PT-BR) are not supported. Only two-letter country codes can be used (For example: PT). If there are any discrepencies between dialets, please open an issue on Github so it can be logged.


Phrasing & Punctuation

If the English phrase includes characters like exclaimation points, parenthases, colons, ellipses, be sure these are included if they are applicable in your language. If you are unsure, try to understand the context of the phrase and try your best to match it in your language.

Abbreviations & Long Words

Some English terms are intentionally abbreviated because of a lack of interface space ("pts.", "mins."). If possible, please try to abbreviate these in your language into something short that people would understand. In addition, there are some terms in English that are already short and also need to fit in a small space. For example, "Use" and "Max" are headings on the main taming table that need to fit in a small column. If possible, try to keep these words short. Abbreviate if necessary. A different, shorter word may be used if it its meaning is still applicable.

Special Characters

Special (non-Latin) characters such as ä or 渡 can be inserted into the file directly without translating them to HTML entities (don't use ä or 渡). If you add a double quote, please escape it with a backslash: \".

Submit Your Progress

If you don't have much time to volunteer and prefer to translate these phrases over many days, it's best to submit your progress ocassionally in case someone else submits translations for that same language.

Starting A Discussion

If you're unsure of any translations, have questions about a phrase or its context, or think that a translation is incorrect, start a discussion by creating an issue. Please include the language in the title of the issue.


Some phrases have variables in them where a term will be inserted into the sentence. These are indicated with a {0}. For example, There are {0} creatures could become There are 50 creatures and the number would increment as more creatures are added. All translations must include this variable. If phrasing in your language can vary depending on what the variable actually is (for example, grammatical gender), please do your best to accomidate what the variable could be. If appropriate, rephrase so the line works better in your language.

Adding A Missing Language

To add a new language:

  1. Copy and paste the entire English section ("en").
  2. Change the "en" to your language's code (list of language codes)). (Regional languages (es-mx vs. es) are only recommended if the translations will have a noticable difference. When possible, try to translate for the general language to simplify the project.)
  3. Translate each of the phrases.


Code Language % of Users* Interface Creatures
de German 37.4%
fr French 19.4%
pt Portuguese 8.4%
es Spanish 6.1%
ru Russian 7.6%
nl Dutch 4.0%
it Italian 3.8% Partial
pl Polish 2.4%
zh Chinese (Simplified) 2.2% Partial
da Danish 1.3% Partial
tr Turkish 1.2%
sv Swedish 1.0%
cs Czech 0.7%
nb Norwegian 0.6%
hu Hungarian 0.5%
th Thai 0.5%
ar Arabic 0.4%
ko Korean 0.3% Partial
fi Finnish 0.3%
ja Japanese 0.3%
he Hebrew 0.2%
hr Croatian 0.2%
sk Slovak 0.1%
ro Romanian 0.1%
el Greek 0.1%

*Percent of non-English Dododex users